Luxury Vinyl Plank Tile and Flooring Product Catalog

Plank Tile Flooring: What is it?

Plank tile flooring is the name given to square flooring tiles that have the appearance of rectangular planks laid in a plank-style pattern and which come with a number of desirable benefits and features.

Plank tile flooring is generally more affordable to purchase than is the case with traditional wide luxury vinyl plank flooring when bought from a flooring tile company and is available in a number of different styles, including luxury vinyl plank tile and glacier vinyl plank flooring tile. These variants are available in 5mm vinyl plank flooring and 5mm LVP flooring.

There are also variants that are suited to basements or bathrooms, while others would be better for gyms or bedrooms.

These plank tile flooring variants are affordable and attractive and come with many advantages. There is the option of wood grain style and a variety of different colors, including black and grey, while in addition to the vinyl, there are also some products made of foam.

Luxury vinyl plank tile flooring

Luxury vinyl plank tile flooring is inspired by real timber flooring and is also much more durable than standard vinyl plank tile flooring because of its thicker wear layer. It is much higher quality vinyl, which means that in the rare event that damage is done to a vinyl plank tile, it can be easily replaced without having to redo the entire floor.

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