Shaw Lifeguard – Life Happens

Life Happens is a new residential carpet collection from Shaw. Life Happens features Shaw’s new LifeGuard protection system. LifeGuard is a revolutionary protection system that covers the entire carpet product, from face fiber to backing. All of Shaw’s Lifeguard carpets are treated with Shaw’s patented R2X Stain and Soil Resistance protection. Thermoplastic backing gives the carpet a waterproof barrier that prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet padding and the subfloor.

LifeGuard’s patented backing system keeps liquids from bleeding into the carpet backing, which allows for easier cleanup and protection against odor-causing spills and pet accidents. In addition, the R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System give the carpet a remarkable level of liquid stain resistance. Any spilled liquid will stay on the surface of the carpet, just like the picture shows below. Since the liquid stays on the top of the carpet and does not soak through the backing, you have more time to discover the spill and get it cleaned up. After the mess has been cleaned up, the carpet will dry quickly.

The Life Happens carpets combat household odors, and they retain their appearance due to the Anso CrushResister High-Performance Nylon. These carpets are resistant to getting fuzzy over time, the tufts resist being pulled out, the edges do not travel easily, and the carpet/backing is less likely to suffer from delamination. In addition, this carpet is easy to install because the backing is flexible. This carpet bends well making it perfect for stairs, and the softness of the carpet backing helps protect baseboards and door jambs.

LifeGuard products are designed to be recyclable at the end of their use. Every part of the carpet is recyclable, and they are Cradle to Cradle certified. The video below explains more about how the carpet is recyclable and Eco-friendly.

Here are the warranties for the carpets in the Life Happens collection.

Lifetime Warranties: Waterproof Backing, Stain & Soil, No Wrinkle, No Edge Ravel, No Delamination, and Tuft Bind.
25 Year Warranties: Texture Retention, Abrasive Wear, and Quality Assurance

There are many beautiful carpets to choose from in this collection, and they feature the newest design and color trends.

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