Frequently asked questions about the flooring services we offer

  • Do you sell tile, carpet and LVP luxury vinyl plank?

    A. Yes we have a beautiful showroom and warehouse located at 8643 W. Kelton Ln. Suite 105 Peoria, AZ 85382.

  • I am interested in your products but I already have an installer . Do I have to hire you for the installation as well or can I purchase materials only from you?

    A. You do not have to hire us for the installation . We will happily just sell material only. In fact many contractors and do it your selfers buy products from us on a regular basis. Whatever your flooring needs are we will do our best to serve you.

  • I have already selected a tile from another tile store . Can I hire you to install it for me?

    A . No we do not install products purchased from our competitors.

  • Why wont you install the tile I have already purchased?

    A. There are several reasons. 1st of all we know our products very and know they are top quality. By providing all of the materials on the project we can assure the customer will be satisfied with the quality of the finished product. Many of our competitors sell manufactures seconds or otherwise defective products. If for some reason there is a problem with the materials we can coordinate with our supplier directly to resolve the issue. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and I am confident that in the rare instance an issue may occur they will resolve the issue quickly. Also by providing all of the materials we can assure the customer that the job will start and be completed as scheduled . We have had many issues in the past with the customers supplier promising a delivery date and the product arrived later then promised or the wrong product was shipped. Quite often the entire project got delayed several weeks and we were unable to fit the project into our schedule at a later time.

  • What brands of flooring do you carry?

    A. Our primary tile suppliers are MS International (MSI) Emser Tile, Dal Tile and QDI Stone. Our primary carpet suppliers are Dreamweaver and Shaw.

    Several products from these brands are on display in our showroom. We deliver all of the products that we sell to your home free of charge (with installation). Other retailers charge upwards of $100 for delivery or require you to pick up the products from their location using your personal vehicle.

  • Can you get products from other suppliers?

    A. Yes, we have access to all major tile distributors such as Bedrosians, Arizona Tile, Marazzi, Shaw Tile, MSI Tile, Daltile, Sunstone American Olean, Longust Distributing, Emser Tile, MSI (MS International), Engineered Floors  and QDI Surfaces . We also carry Shaw and Dream Weaver carpets.

  • What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?

    A. Porcelain tile is typically denser and more resistant to breakage than ceramic tile. Porcelain usually has tighter manufacturing tolerances, making it more consistent with sizing, and less likely to have flaws such as glaze chips and warpage. However these are just general examples and there are some very high quality ceramic tiles just be sure to examine several tiles from different boxes for flaws. The most common flaw is size variation, some low quality tile can very a 1/8 inch or more from piece to piece even within the same box.

  • Why does it cost so much more to install travertine and stone?

    A. Travertine is much harder to install because it is heavier than ceramic, this makes it harder to keep the pieces level. Every cut also has to be made with a wet saw which adds a lot more time to the installation. Stone tile also has to be sealed after the installation is complete.

  • How soon can you install my floor?

    A. It varies, sometimes we are booked a month in advance, sometimes we are able to start your project on 24 hrs. notice . The average lead time that we need is about 2 weeks. Please contact us to check our current availability.

  • Do you move furniture and appliances?

    A. Yes we do, but we only move large items such as bookshelves and desks after they have been emptied by the customer. We do not move electronic equipment such as stereos, TVs and computers.

  • How long will it take to complete the installation of my tile?

    A. It depends on the size of the install, the amount of floor prep as well as the type of products that are being installed. We typically can complete the demolition and floor prep in one day. The typical pace of installation is about 350ft per day for ceramic /porcelain and 250ft per day for travertine and other types of stone.

  • Do you tear out existing tile and vinyl?

    A. Yes and we remove and haul away all of the existing floor covering.

  • Why should I hire a Licensed Contractor?

    A. Licensed contractors are certified by the state to have met several requirements such as a minimum of 4 years experience in their field, they also have to pass a certification test. Most importantly they are required to warranty all of their work for 2 years. If the contractor does not willfully repair his work you can request a registrar inspection, if the inspector sides with the customer they will force the contractor to perform the necessary repairs. If the contractor still refuses to repair the problem or goes out of business the Arizona Registrar of Contractors will then revoke the contractor’s license and use their bond and the contractor’s recovery fund to have the problem fixed. Essentially hiring a licensed contractor is like an insurance policy. Unlicensed installers may claim to offer a warranty but there is nothing but their word to back it up. If they change their phone number or simply decide that they don’t want to fix the problem there is no way to hold them accountable. Unless you are hiring someone based upon a friends referral there is no way really to tell who it is you are hiring. Sure some guys may have a photo album of work that they claim to have done but how do you know that the guy didn’t go to a bunch of model homes and take photos. You might say to yourself if he does a lousy work I will just make him fix it or I simply won`t pay him until he fixes it. This might seem like a great idea but think how much it is going to cost you to buy new tile and hire someone else to tear out his sloppy work and reinstall it. It may be cheaper to hire an unlicensed installer initially but in the long run it may cost you a lot more. State law actually requires a contractor to be licensed if the total cost of the job including materials is over $1000

  • Can you install tile over existing tile and vinyl?

    A. No, we do not. In order to provide a good quality lifetime installation we only install tile over bare concrete and hardibacker underlayment. Tile and vinyl are designed to be non-absorptive and repel moisture. Thinset only bonds well to surfaces that absorb moisture.

  • How long is your warranty?

    A. We warranty all of our work for a period of 2 years.

  • My concrete slab has several cracks in it, how do you prepare the floor so that my tile does not crack?

    A. We use an anti-fracture membrane called Flex Guard on all cracks that exceed 1/8in. on small spider cracks we use a rubberized coating called curelastic.

  • Will you do repairs and small jobs?

    A. No we do not repair work on jobs performed by other contractors and our minimum labor charge is $350.

  • I need new carpet installed in my house as well as tile, can you install the carpet too?

    A. Yes we can we have an excellent carpet installer.

  • Do you install other types of floor covering?

    A. Yes we install Tile, Carpet and Engineered Hardwood Floors and Laminate Wood.

  • Do you install vinyl flooring?

    A. No we do not install Sheet Vinyl or Vinyl Tile, However we do sell and install SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank waterproof flooring.

  • Do you tear out hardwood floors and how much do you charge for that service?

    A. Yes we do tear out hardwood floors however they are extremely difficult and the price is dependent on several factors. We try to give up front pricing on as many of our services as possible, however due to the difficult nature of wood floor removal we are not able to provide up front pricing on wood floor removal. We will be happy to provide you with a free in person quote.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    A.We prefer Cash or Check and can accept all major credit cards , we also offer 0% interest financing through Synchrony Financial

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