Arizona Home Builder Tile

Have you recently purchased a new home in the Phoenix area and are looking to purchase some additional tile for other areas in your home ? If the answer is yes then you have to come to the right place. Kennedy Tile carries many popular builder tiles in price ranges from builder base up to the highest upgrade . We source our products from the same  manufacturers and distributors as the builder design centers. We have a much lower overhead and profit margin and can generally beat their prices 30-50%, sometimes even more.

Below is a list of some of the most common builder tiles that are offered by quality Arizona home builders such as Lennar, Beazer, Taylor Morrison, Mattamy Homes, Ashton Woods, Belllagio,  KB home, Richmond American,  Courtland, Shea homes, Pulte, Dr Horton, Toll Brothers, K Hovnanian, Meritage, Fulton, Maracay and many other reputable home builders in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. If you don`t see your builder on this list, don`t worry chances are they buy their tile from one of our suppliers as well.

Dal Tile Products

Acacia Valley


  • AL05 Crema
  • AL06 Dorato
  • AL07  Noce

Ayers Rock


  • CA20 Crema
  • CA21 Noce
  • CA22 Candido
  • CA23 Masso


  • EM01-Beige
  • EM03-Grey
  • EM04-Brown

Esta Villa


  • IG95 Vision
  • IG96 Cosmo
  • IG97 Haze
  • IG98 Midnight

Forest Park

  • FP94 White Oak
  • FP95 Summertree
  • FP96 Sugarmaple
  • FP97 Timberland
  • FP98 Willowgrove
  • FP99 Blackwood


  • GW04 Pine
  • GW05 Hickory
  • GW06 Elm
  • GW07 Walnut

Glen Arbor


Linden Point


  • MA90 Brown
  • MA92  Grey

Saddle Brook

Sahara Ranch

  • SR96 Oasis
  • SR97 Dune
  • SR98 Breeze

Season wood

Willow Bend

  • WB01  White
  • WB02 Smoky Brown
  • WB03  Dark Brown

Yorkwood Manor

  • YM01  Birchtree
  • YM02 Pecan
  • YM03 Deep Walnut

Longust Tile

Easton 8×45

Alcora 9×35

  • Aspen  7×24
  • American Nogal
  • American Olmo
  • Quebec Gold
  • Quebec Silver

Viana 10×40

Norway 7×36

Sunwood Pro 7×36

Burano 12×24 and 16×16

Quinta 12×24

  • Arena
  • Bianco
  • Graphite
  • Vision

Giazza 16×24 and 5×24

  • Classic
  • Honey
  • Roman
  • Silver

San Guilio 12×24 and 16×16

  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Silver
  • Grey

Ekko 18×18

  • Rugged Brown
  • Toasted Beige
  • Whipped Cream

Emser Tile






  • Bianco
  • Chiara
  • Cafe
  • Grigio
  • Noce

Mokuzai 2

Sanctuary 2




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